Labor Day traditionally marks the unofficial end of summer, the official opening of back to school, and the start of both college and professional football.  The official meaning of Labor Day is to acknowledge the success, dedication, and determination of working people after a period in our country’s history where the health, safety, and livelihood of the working class was ignored.  Business owners benefitted greatly and enjoyed great profits at the expense of the labor force. The creation of the Labor Day holiday allows us to recognize the accomplishments and sacrifices of the workforce and see them as the asset they truly are.  No business owner could achieve great success without a dedicated and hardworking team.

Today, we continue to face the remnants of the pandemic. Employees have either opted out, are working less, or are working remotely and not realizing the benefits of what it means to build a culture together. The Gig economy is growing, and workers are seeking new ways to both thrive or simply survive.  While nothing can ever replace in-person office work where people new to the workforce gain invaluable experience from mentors, employers and employees are seeking ways to adapt in a new path forward.

Innovation relating to artificial intelligence is ramping up and employers are seeking  the best possible methods of both customer retention and satisfaction while maintaining the most efficient means of productivity. Replicating the success of so many new and unique startups seem to be a critical next step in developing opportunities of employability.

One place to look for how this is being done is to the State of Israel.  This is a country that has lived on the motto of needing to GetShitDone.  Israel does this at home and works in and around the United States with cooperative Chambers of Commerce seeking partnerships to bring innovation and creation here.  This benefits employers and employees by sharing Israeli know-how and hard work.

Globally, Israel stands out as one of the chief contributors in every new and traditional sector – medical diagnostics and treatment, cyber security, logistics, environmentally safe farming, and many others.  Thanks to Israel, also known as Start Up Nation, this ingenuity and innovation has been shared and integrated for the benefit of corporate America and our own start up community across the country.

As we prepare to observe the Labor Day holiday and long weekend in the United States and recognize the employees and the Unions who have helped make workers lives better, it is crucial that we remember why Labor Day was created. Substandard working conditions and lack of opportunity made life miserable, but with very few alternatives.  The pandemic created a different type of dilemma, and we are now coming out of this and seeking new ways to move forward.

Thankfully, we continue to benefit from Israeli ingenuity and need to GetShitDone.  Hopefully as Labor Day 2022 approaches, we can recognize and thank the contributions Israeli entrepreneurs continue to make.

While you are heating up the barbecue this weekend, remember the workers and those looking to make life better.